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ArtPrestige OnLine Gallery of Artists, Writers and Artisan Membership 2016/17

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ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Gabriel Baxter


Specialising in Football Mad Comedy

Creator of the comic strips Soccer PrattleDay

The Sunday Suppository and Fabio's Diary

Artist Gab Baxter regularly contributes cartoons and caricatures of the football world to the media, football clubs and fanzines alike.

Managers, Players, Chairmen, Referees, the Fans, the Fun and the Fines for rank bad taste....all satirised by the pen of Gab Baxter!

Works of Art, Original Cartoons, Prints, Greeting Cards etc.

The Mad World of Football Comedy

with Gab Baxter

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ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Tony Brooks



Specialising in Watercolour and Gouache


Tony Brooks is a London born ex-advertising man who gave up the rat-race to spend more time painting his beloved south coast of England. Now residing in the Hythe area of Kent, Tony Brooks Landscapes and Seascapes are seriously sought after in the immediate and wider area. Be it Watercolours, Gouache and/or mixed media, Tony paints the local flavour of Hythe and surrounding areas which gives him plenty of subject matter. Favourite artists are Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Manet, Constable and Durer not necessarily in that order.


The Wonderful Watercolour World of Tony Brooks

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Leighton Charles



Leighton Charles is the romantic portrait artist working in both traditional and modern painting styles. From portraits, landscapes and dramatic narratives to tranquil still lifes, all being part of the Leighton Charles catalogue. There is poetic drama in every canvas as the subject emerges from a stunningly realistic thought-provoking scene beautifully painted with inevitable acknowledgements to the influences of earlier painters and periods.

Charles sets his work into themes - THE ROMANTIC SURREALISM series - Commisssions, models and celebrity portraits. - THE ENGLISH LANDSCAPE series - SENTIMENTAL AND ROMANTIC scenes - Leighton Charles favoured Counties, Towns and Villages. - PASSION AND CHIAROSCURO series


ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Kathleen Conlon



ArtPrestige Ltd are delighted to welcome Kathleen Conlon to our Creative Membership.
Kathleen has written a lifetime of best selling novels and short stories. One of her earlier novels 'My Father's House' was made into a mini-series by Granada Television. Kathleen's success has never wavered and her fabulous short stories are now regularly featured within the fiction specials of Woman's Weekly. Kathleen's new novel 'Women at War' set amid the pain and passion of the First World War tells the story of two sisters destined to become entangled in the life of one man! The book will shortly be available on Amazon Ebook for Kindle readers.

The Imaginative World of International Novelist Kathleen Conlon

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Ross Courtney



Ross Courtney is a graphic designer and illustrator working in advertising and the media generally. His work covers leaflets, posters, advertising, product packaging, book covers, booklets, magazine layouts and page content along with a host of other graphic illustrator's work. Ross Courtney has worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies in the country and offers clients a complete Design Facility.

Copy and Concepts - Advertising Campaigns - Visuals - Marker and Mac Promotional Literature - Logo Design - Brochures - Sales Leaflets - Stationery - Quality Print at the right price - Illustration Work - Web Site Design - Storyboards - Cartoon and Cariacature Work - Photography - Exhibition and Display Work

Ross Courtney -

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

André Evreux


Colourful and Vibrant Drama with mixed media and pen and ink drawings

ArtPrestige are proud to represent traditional watercolourist Andre Evreux. Andre is a painter and illustrator using gouche and watercolour as well as pen and ink illustrations. Paintings, book illustrations, graphic design and advertising copy have featured much of this artist's work.

Andre Evreux is a watercolourist of wonderful technique. Comfortable with either fast and loose styles or the more realistically painted traditional style of realism. Evreux adapts the style to fit the mood of the painting and scenery. Andre Evreux watercolours are highly popular and much sought after. These landscapes are examples of his watercolour and gouche mixed-media painting technique that so suit the landscape and scenery he loves.

Enter The Vibrant and Colourful World of André Evreux

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Peter Lee Ceramics


Welcome to the ceramics of West Country potter, Peter Lee based in Exeter, Devon. Showing Raku ware, domestic Stoneware and innovative Ceramic Wall Hangings.
The RAKU ware is mainly turquoise copper or white crakle glaze. The pieces are fired to 1000c, taken from the kiln and dropped into sawdust/shavings for 1/2 hour, then sometimes rapidly cooled in cold water. Each piece is completely unique.

STONEWARE is fired to 1280c in an electric kiln and after many years of using an ash glaze Peter now concentrates on minimal decoration over a white tin glaze. The WALL HANGINGS are in either Raku or Stoneware, framed or unframed.
Peter Lee's work is simply stunning and ArtPrestige are proud to be associated with this highly talented artisan.

The World of West Country Ceramics

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Desmond Piper



Borrowing from the world of L.S.Lowry

Matchstick men and women scurry about against familiar industrial landscapes, the school of AdorableArt finds the humour and comedy within everyday life. Busy scenes with all the child-like laughter and charm in so many everyday happenings, AdorableArt is a world we can all identify with. The brilliant artist Des Piper looks for the humour in innocent happenings. Just going to the post, walking in the rain, dancing in the dark, delighting in the breezy day, rowing a boat and flying a kite. The antics of many are depicted in a fun way by Desmond Piper.

Adorable Art with one of our Most Popular Artists

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Aubrey Stax

THE MASTER OF LINE specialising in PEN, INK and WASH


Specialising in Figure Drawing and Characterisation

Creator of the comic strips Downturn Abbey

Braggard's Den, Have I Got Clues For You and The Missing Ink

Artist Aubrey Stax regularly contributes cartoons, comic strips and caricatures to the media.

Borrowing from the styles of such artists as Jim Holdaway, Romero, Beardsley and others, Aubrey Stax has carved for himself a quite impressive following.

His work is regularly featured in book illustrations, newspapers and magazines.

ArtPrestige are delighted to promote the work of this highly creative and talented artist.

The Brilliant Illustrative Master of Line Artist Aubrey Stax

ArtPrestige Fine Art Gallery

Beautiful Art for today's Serious Art Collectors

Sheridan Vaughan

The Artist and Poet famous for his POETRY CHIAROSCURO

Sheridan Vaughan mesmerising poetry takes us on a journey of discovery from the light to the dark of the human experience. Written with insight, humour and the experience of life, Sheridan Vaughan is a poet for today's world. The Death of Love is the poem that signalled a new voice in the literary world that captures the essence of the relationship with humour and memorable insight.


                                    There's a trade-off for our pleasure,

                                    The Death of Love is never sure,

                                    Hurt will eat away in measure,

                                    And even then there will be more.

                                                Extract from The Death of Love


The Reflective World of Poetry Chiaroscuro

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