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Favourites can get beaten!

Felix Ellingham

Punters ask me, why I try to avoid the Favourite? Simple - There's Never Enough Money in it For Me!

Form Homework is key!

Felix Ellingham

With the wealth of data available to you today - Do Your Homework and Study Form!

Anything can Happen!

Felix Ellingham

Always Listen to Tips from whatever source - You Never Know. But Form is the Key to Success!


A Day at the Races is the most thrilling, colourful, panarama of excitement that the sporting calendar can offer. The Races are staged to deliver the thrills every half-hour so the drama continues throughout the day!

They call it 'The Sport of Kings' and why shouldn't Kings be as enthralled as the rest of us? I love the industry for all of its colour and as a Racing Tipster, I am forever amazed at this industry's ability to deliver thrills and excitement!

The entire Racing Industry is built around Prediction.

There's no such thing as a Racing Certainty but many a Racing Happistance!

Many people enjoy a Day at the Races for the pagentry, the dressing-up, the colour and spectacle. Others look to have Fun putting a modest wager on the races to add to the excitement! Given that the industry relies on the pundit's speculation then the gambler takes centre stage in the drama and it's a duel, between bookmaker and punter, of the highest order!

The Architecture of Ideas

Cartoons, Comic Strips all created from original ideas, or possibly influenced by those that have gone before.

The brainstorming of ideas and creating a cartoon follows a predictable route of being triggered by incidents in real life. The Football Industry is awash with news stories every single day making it one of the easiest industries to satire.

Chairmen, Football Club Owners, Managers, Coaches, Players all catch the headlines daily giving the satirist plenty of material to try and exploit. Managerial sackings imply a desperate business of over-reacting to results and trying a series of remedies whatever the cost. The actual formula for success looking more and more like blind luck every day.

ArtSportUK - The Ideas and Television Pilots

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ArtSport.UK Comic Strips and Cartoons are created, written and drawn by Gab Baxter

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