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PETER LEE - Ceramic Artist

ArtPrestige Peter Lee Ceramics The West Country Potter

Beautiful and breathtaking Ceramics from the hands of a Master Technician

Romantic and Mysterious Pottery in a stunningly realistic style

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   The Fabulous West Country Potter's Collection of Stoneware Vases, Platters and Pots


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Welcome to the ceramics of West Country potter, Peter Lee based in Exeter, Devon. Showing Raku ware, domestic Stoneware and innovative Ceramic Wall Hangings.

The RAKU ware is mainly turquoise copper or white crakle glaze. The pieces are fired to 1000c, taken from the kiln and dropped into sawdust/shavings for 1/2 hour, then sometimes rapidly cooled in cold water. Each piece is completely unique.

STONEWARE is fired to 1280c in an electric kiln and after many years of using an ash glaze Peter now concentrates on minimal decoration over a white tin glaze.


The WALL HANGINGS are in either Raku or Stoneware, framed or unframed.
Peter Lee's work is simply stunning and ArtPrestige are proud to be associated with this highly talented artisan.

Peter Lee Ceramics ShowReel

Peter Lee West Country Ceramics
Showing Raku ware, domestic Stoneware and innovative Ceramic Wall Hangings.

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