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The simply beautiful School of Adorable Art



Created by Des Piper


The World of Adorable Art creates amusing and charming images to brighten up anyone's living room, be they children or adults. An obvious talking point for visitors and friends, the work of Desmond Piper is guaranteed to bring a smile to the hardest heart. This fabulous artist works with ArtPrestige to produce a series of family painitngs with charm, humour and intrinsic joy from the world of Adorable Art.


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Have a look at the charming world of Adorable Art and be prepared to fall in love with it.


ArtPrestige represent the Artist Desmond Piper

Adrable Art as represented by the Northern School of Art from the brush of a Master Artist. Charming scenes of Family Fun, Jolly Japes and Amusing Scenes are the stock-in-trade of this brilliant Artist.

Scroll down for the DES PIPER SHOWREEL which is a truly stunning collection of Humourous and Adorable Art.


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ArtPrestige represent the Artist Desmond Piper

Adrable Art represented by the Northern School of Art from the pen of a Master Artist

Family Fun, Jolly Japes and Charming Scenes are the stock-in-trade of this brilliant Artist

Scroll down for the DES PIPER SHOWREEL of Humourous and Adorable Art



Commissioning Des Piper

Des Piper Art is sold all over the world and he is today an extremely popular International Selling Artist.

Des Piper is now sold throughout Europe and the Americas. Desmond Piper and his School of Adorable Art continue to break records worldwide.

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The School of Adorable Art

Desmond Piper - North West of England (UK) Artist
Prepare yourself for Village Life, Fun Days Out, Seaside Shenanigans and general daily happenings, as painted by this highly talented and absorbing artist. Specialising in Acrylic, whilst highly proficient in the watercolour and gouache technique, Desmond Piper is influenced by the artist L S Lowry and borrows from his quirky style with spirited pleasure. Desmond Piper lives in the North West of England. He has been painting and selling his art since the early nineties. He studied at Southport Art College and, at that time, worked with like-minded and enthusiastic students from Liverpool Art College.
Following a career in the printing industry, specialising in silk-screen printing, Des Piper eventually returned to his first love of painting in later life. Forever inspired by L. S. Lowry and latterly Beryl Cook, Des worked on creating his own impressionist style of, what we define as Adorable Art. Capturing the essence of busy life in a jolly, warm and imaginative way, providing colour and a focal point, often within a myriad of activity. Des Piper works in Acrylics, watercolour and gouache paints.

Des Piper Influences

Borrowing from the world of L.S. Lowry, where matchstick men and women scurry about against familiar industrial landscapes, the school of AdorableArt finds the humour and comedy within everyday life. Busy scenes with all the child-like laughter and charm in so many everyday happenings, AdorableArt is a world we can all identify with. The brilliant artist Des Piper looks for the humour in innocent happenings. Just going to the post, walking in the rain, dancing in the dark, delighting in the breezy day, rowing a boat and flying a kite. The antics of many are depicted in a fun way by Desmond Piper.

Threatening Skies

Des Piper is almost as famous for his darkish foreboding skies as for the charm of his characters. So what’s the secret behind the drama? Des paints in his favourite mix of watercolour and gouache and says ‘A really cool colour for skies with drama is Payne’s Gray. It has a richly blue black content that deepens and adds body to the mix of cloud and stormy weather. I like to work Payne’s Gray into a storm colour and have the sky as the stage set for drama.’

The Real Life Characters

Desmond Piper paints the everyday happenings of ordinary life using the family compositions of the children, animals and adults. So where do the ideas come from? Des says ‘I like the idea of the everyday family activities being depicted as fun events. As we know, something usually goes wrong but in a funny way. Children have the luxury of not needing to be serious and they work on a natural instinct which usually means plenty of fun happenings.’

Des Piper Fun in the Rain

Borrowing from the every day world of inclement weather, we see the fun created by children turning adversity to their advantage. Exploring the possibilities with umbrellas, water, snow-balls, kites, balloons etc. Children at their very charming best having fun with each other in those innocent days we all remember! Desmond Piper offers us all the chance to remember, reflect, reminisce reminisce reminisce enjoy those long-lost days of pure child-like fun. Des Piper Art makes outstanding displays for everyone wanting to brighten their homes up in a nice way!



As water is tipped upon an unsuspecting friend for the jolly japes and innocent fun weather provides. Bring on the Snow!!!

Desmond Piper Adorable Art ShowReel

Desmond Piper - North West of England (UK) Artist
A selection of Desmond Piper Art. Please visit the Art Collector Prints for available Des Piper Prints.

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